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  • Dr.Abdi Nur Farah MD (General Practitioner). FINLAND

    USOS is excellent Ultrasound training centre and Dr.Rahmath Banu is excellent teacher for giving training in Ultrasound and Doppler both theories and practical. I strongly reccomend this training centre for everyone who want to learn Ultrasound. Best wishes to the entire team.



  • Dr.Ali Mohamed Abdulle MD (Gastroenterology). FINLAND

    Universal School of Sonology is excellent Ultrasound training centre. "I choose to learn from the best". When it comes to learning Ultrasound and Doppler, Dr.Rahmath Banu is that person - she is skillfull, humble, passionate, teaching from personal experience and excited to show you the better way in performing Ultrasound and Doppler. What she teaches you will help you improve your Ultrasound skills, not just during the course but beyond. This course is great for anyone who wishes to learn Ultrasound. I highly recommend it. I would like to thank Dr.Rahmath Banu and the Management and all USOS team.

  • Dr.K.R Premchand MBBS,MD., Chennai.INDIA

    Universal School of Sonology is the best Ultrasound training centre for begineers and advanced learners. Dr.Rahmath Banu,Radiologist is one of the best teacher for providing knowledge and skill in Ultrasound. Every Doctor must do short course in emergency Ultrasound for better practice. Thanks to USOS. 

  • Dr.Vijay K Pallipamli MD.FCCP(Cardiology), Andhra Pradhesh. INDIA

    A TRUE Hands-on training centre from Day 1 onwards, under the supervision of Dr.Rahmath Banu. Madam infused confidence and I learned more than what I expected. USOS is the BEST OF ALL OTHER training centre.

  • Dr.Sujatha MBBS.,DNB(Obg), Karnataka.India

    I would like to Thank Dr.Rahmath Banu for providing our team of 5 Doctors in this batch a wonderful training. Thanks to her selfless service as well. It is the best center to learn for Beginners and experienced as well. We get very good hands-on. I strongly recommend this training center without any second thought. Once again Thank you Mam and the Management.

  • Dr.Akhila Kalyani MD, Pondicherry.India

    Very friendly environment and the teaching & hands-on training is excellent. I am very much satisfied and happy. Gained lot of confidence in Ultrasound Abdomen and Pelvis. Wishing USOS all the best.

  • Dr.Arockia Amala Reena MBBS,MD. Pondicherry.India

    Full of hands-on training and teaching was very good, easily understandable. Friendly approach by Dr.Rahmath Banu and I learnt a lot within a short period of time. Best wishes.

  • Dr,Vidhya MBBS,MS(OG) DNB(OG). Chennai.India.

    Had good hands_on training and Dr.Rahmath Banu is too patient enough so that I did not felt for taking longer time in seeing patients. Friendly environment and satisfied that I choose this centre for my USG training. All the very best for all your future aspirations.


    You should advertise more about the centre so that many people will come to know about this centre which is excellent for beginners and professionals.


  • Dr.Raghavender MBBS,DNB (Radiology), Telangana. India

    Dr.Rahmath Banu is a great teacher with lots of teaching and practical experience. We had lots of hands-on training in various modalities including Doppler. This handson training had helped my practical knowledge to a great extent. The working enviornment here at USOS is very good. It was a great oppurtunity to work with Dr.Rahmath Banu. I would like to recommend USOS especially for practical Handson experience and braodening knowledge on Ultrasound. I wish Dr.Rahmath Banu all the best for her future aspirations and sincere effort.

  • Dr.Butonkee Shehaad MBBS, Mauritius.

    A very enriching experience. USOS offers Hands-on training as from Day 1 under guidance of Dr.Rahmath Banu, the Course Director. Diagnosis of Pathologies is made easier and with better confidence. I recommend USOS to all my colleagues.

  • Dr.Nirmala Chaudhary MBBS. Nepal.

    Universal School of Sonology is a wonderful place to learn Ultrasound with wondeful hands-on training from Day 1 till end of our course. Dr.Rahmath Banu is great in her teaching and she poses a great knowledge in the field of Ultrasound and its great experience being here and learning Ultrasound, I would certainly want my friends to be learnt from here. I wish the entire USOS all the very best.

  • Dr.Mukesh Chaudhary MBBS,MS. Nepal.

    If I wish to say one word about center and Madam Dr.Rahmath Banu : AMAZING.

    Madam teaching was perfectly top notch and the hands-on training we get here is most adequate to get confidence in Ultrasound. Best wishes.

  • Dr.Pravati Panigrahi MD, University of South Australia, Australia.

    I'm very much fortunate to know Universal School of Sonology and Dr.Rahmath Banu was my Supervisor for the course I took in Ultrasound with University of South Australia. I've gone through a great experience at the center and the hands-on training was exceptionally great which was witnessed in my results during the completion of course at college. One of the great place to learn Ultrasound with great amount of hands-on training. Wish Madam and team great success in future.

  • Dr.Nuh Yassin MD (Tropical Medicine), United Kingdom

    Thank alimighty for showing me this wonderful place to learn Ultrasound. I am 100% confident now and it's been my great days of my life being in India and in Chennai particularly. One of the best teacher in the world is Dr.Rahmath Banu, her way of teaching both practical and theory with great hands-on experience makes Universal School on the worlds best center to learn and I wish the entire team all the very best. 

  • Dr. SakethVulchiM.D(General Medicine), D.M (Gastroenterology)


    Universal Schools offers a customized training with theory and 100% hands-on daily. I feel Dr.RahmathBanu is very helpful and very knowledgeable in her field. I’ve learnt a lot from her. Thanks Madam and wishing you and your institute a huge victory.

  • Dr. C.M Padmavathi D.G.O


    I met a good team in this center. If a team work is good means obviously it shows that “The Leader is efficient”. Had an enough exposure to Obs&Gyn cases. Wishing USOS all the great success

  • Dr.Malini MBBS

    General Physician. Kanchipuram..

    I had a great time in learning Sonography at Universal School of Sonology. All of my doubts were cleared by madam then and there. I gained more knowledge here only. Thanks a lot madam. Please continue to do this service to many students like me. Once again Thanks a lot madam

  • Dr. Mehabooba MBBS,DGO

    Senior Specialist. Karnataka.

    My training at USOS was good; it was 100% hands-on from the day one. At the end of 3 weeks I’m feeling confident to perform Scans on my own. Moreover there is accommodation for Lady Doctors inside the premises which is very secure and good. In total, I’m very happy the training. Our teacher Dr.RahmathBanu, very nicely taught the subject. Thank you madam for all your love & co-operation.

  • Dr. K.Sathish MBBS, MD(Internal Medicine)

    Consultant Physician,

    Victoria Hospital. Seychelles.

    “It was a wonderful experience; I learnt lot about Ultrasound and Doppler. The best part about this training school is you get excellent Hands-on training. Every day you can do Ultrasound for 20 patients, through which I’ve gained confidence in performing Ultrasound individually. I thank Dr.Rahmath Banu wholeheartedly for giving me this opportunity to learn Ultrasound; I wish all the best for her future endeavors”.

  • Dr. Shan MBBS, MD (Radiology, Georgia)

    Consultant Radiologist.

    Alappuzha. Kerala.

    “I found this course very useful and very helpful for my practice as a Radiologist. It definitely built-up my confidence. I’ve gained enough practical knowledge. I would like to thank the staffs for giving me the opportunity to learn and Thanks to our teacher Dr.Rahmath Banu for transferring knowledge and answering practically to all our queries. I wish this Institute all the success in spreading knowledge”.

  • Dr. Barry A.A.H MBBS,MD(Radiology)

    Radiologist. Adyar Cancer Institute.


    “I found this course to be very useful and it has definitely increased my confidence by leaps & bounds. I’ve gained immense practical knowledge as all scans are done on real patients and not on dummies or specimens. I also found our teacher to be very warm & friendly and always ready to clear our doubts. I would like to congratulate all people involved in this center for the teaching extended to the students & the free scan service extended to the patients. I would like to wish them always the best for their future”.

  • Dr. Bharathi MBBS, M.S (OG)

    Obstetrician & Gynecologist

    Andhra MahilaSabha. Chennai.

    Universal School of Sonology was a great experience in term oflearning by practice through Hands-on training from Day 1. Dr.Rahmath is a good teacher and friendlier person hence communication becomes easier. This place is>more of an applied learning. At the end of 15thday, I was really confident in OBG, Abdominal and TVS scan.I would recommend this place for all Gynecologistswho want a quick and a skillful training in Ultrasound

  • Dr.Kalaivani MBBS

    Kumaran Hospital.

    Chennai. Tamilnadu. India

    I had a great experience at USOS. I am fully satisfied in joining this course. Dr.rahmath banu is very excellent in her teaching. I am sure anyone who learns here will master in Ultrasonography, because we get so many Hands-on to practice. Both theory and practical classes were very informative. I thank madam for clearing all my doubts then and there. She is one of the best Teacher and I am happy that I learnt here...Thank you Mam.

  • Dr.Padma MBBS

    Chennai. Tamilnadu. India

    Learning hand-on USG under Dr.Rahmath guidance is a pleasure very fulfilling. She is very pleasant to the point about the subject and very obliging. It is so easy to learn and her direct hands-on approach taught me a lot and her teaching also earned confidence and skills in me. I sincerely recommend future Sonologists to learn here for fulfilling course.

  • Dr. M.Ameera Banu MBBS

    Chennai. Tamilnadu. India

    My training of Ultrasound scan with absolutely very nice and it was 100% hands-on. At the end of 2 week, Im confident to perform scans on my own. All of my doubts were cleared by madam Dr.Rahmath. Her teaching very nice and Thank you so much madam for this wonderful experience.;

  • Dr.Kiruthiga MBBS

    Tanjore. Tamilnadu. India

    It is my great and luckiest time of my life. I entered Universal School of Sonology for hands-on training in Ultrasounogram,Its God, who showed me this great opportunity to learn at USOS; I enjoyed a lot and I learnt a lot, specially my Mam, Dr. Rahmath Banu : She is very eminent and kind to me and guided me. I will be always grateful to her in my life and about the workers, they are very friendly in each very different time to me. I promise Mam that the knowledge you gave me will be properly utilized for the sake of the needy by me always. I once again thank god for giving me Mam as my teacher and trainer & I wish Universal School of Sonology; Scans grow further for people like me to learn.

  • Dr. Sasanka MBBS,MD,DM (Nephrologist)

    Rajamundri. Andhra Pradhesh. India

    This place is nice and the best place for learning Ultrasound. Ample amount of patients to learn the best of Ultrasound. This is very practical and useful for learners like us, concepts were told live amp; simple. Wishing all the best to Dr.Rahmath and Staffs.;

  • Dr. A.K Tripathi MBBS,M.D

    Uttar Pradesh. India

    I, Dr. A.K Tripathi.find Dr.Rahmath teaching as one of the topmost along with 10-15 patients’ hands-on training.I was given full freedom from her side to work on USG on patients which is absolutely could not be found anywhere. I appreciate Dr.Rahmath for her fell support to me while I underwent 6 Month USG training.

  • Dr.Neena MBBS,MS (OG)

    Bangalore. Karnataka. India

    I, Dr. Neena underwent basic Ultrasound scanning in Obgynec and Dapple for a period of 5 weeks. For a beginner of Ultrasound scanning this is the best center to learn 100% hands- on training institute with theoretical classes which boost-up our confidence to do independent scanning and reporting. Had a wonderful training period. Excellent teaching by Dr.Rahamth and very co-operative staffs. During the flood affected period we were very well taken care of food and other facilities. I thank Dr. Rahmath Banu and he husband for taking us to their home for food and shelter in most difficult time. I would recommend this scan course for everyone. Thank you for all the encouragement and for boosting my confidence.

  • Dr.Santhosh Kumar Bhagat MBBS,MD (Radiology)


    Its a great pleasure to write about Universal School of Sonology. I have joined the center with a hope to learn and get hands-on exposure. I can proudly say, I have come out with 100% satisfaction. Dr.Rahmath Mam is very good in both theoretical and in practical teaching. I;ve learnt a lot and

  • Dr.Senthil Balan MBBS, D.Ortho

    Chennai. Tamilnadu. India.

    Very nice experience with a good atmosphere.Teaching and hands-on training were fantastic. Patients flow also good I learnt more in a short time due to the cooperation of all. This course improved my knowledge and confidence a lot. Thank you all.

  • Dr.Supriya MBBS,MS(OG)

    Motherhood Hospital. Chennai. Tamilnadu. India.

    Its a very good place to learn Ultrasound and it’s 100% Hands-on training. The center has a good atmosphere and doubts are clarified very clearly. Dr.Rahmath Banu is outstanding; she teaches and clarifies the doubts very patiently. I miss it a lot, the batch (Dr.Rufus,Dr.Kalaivani and Dr.Hareesh) and the way we chatted with Dr.Rahmath Banu. Excellent center to learn Ultrasound across the globe Keep going. All the best.   

  • Dr..Gayathiri R Rao MBBS,MS(OG)

    Karnataka, India.

    I, underwent training in USOS for Obstetric USG and I am very much satisfied and confident that I have learnt the basics from the very right place. As far as I know there is no other center which gives hands-on training and here it is 100% hands on from day 1 to end of the course. Theory classes were crisp and clear. Thanks to Dr. Rahmath Banu who made it so interesting. Going back to Karnataka with lots of knowledge and confidence and 100% satisfaction.>

  • Dr..R.Geetha Lakshmi MBBS,MS(OG)


    Sri Balaji Medical College.Chennai. Tamilnadu.

    I, underwent 3 weeks USG training course at Universal School and in this short period, I learnt the scanning techniques and USG methodology quickly & systematically.It is 100% hands- on training. Dr.Rahmath Banu is really very skilled and knowledgeable person in her filed and alsovery much approachable person in learning process I thank you Madam & the entire team for organizing this course.

  • Dr.M.Thulsiram MBBS, MD(Gen.Med)

    Malar Hospital. Chennai. Tamilnadu

    Learning Ultrasound here at USOS was excellent with hands-on training on a good number of patients and on report guidance from the Course Director Dr.Rahamath. The theory classes were excellent to precise and clear and I would recommend USOS to all my friends and colleague.

  • Dr.Arun Kumar MBBS,MD(Gen.Med)

    Hosur, Tamilnadu

    Its very pleasurable to learn under the guidance of Dr. Rahmath Madam.She taught us Sonology with fantastic hands-on training from Day 1 and inspired lot of confidence. Every day we had theory and practical which made Sonology so easy to learn. I would recommend such a wonderful course to my friends. Thanks everyone.

  • Dr.Rufus Omotade, MBBS,MD (Emergency Medicine)

    London, United Kingdom

    Words are inadequate to express my profound gratitude for your help during my 6 weeks study course on your domain. It is only God that can pay for your kindness. I pray that God will bless your home and the work of your hands. Your household shall have ummerited favour from Allah. Once again thank you.As for the course and it's content, is is precise, well delivered, the hand-on experience is adequate and it add to the beauty of the program. Your staffs are friendly and helpful. Oh! I missed their early morning tea. I appreciate them. I’ll keep in touch. Greetings from my family. Thanks and God bless you

  • Ms.Priyanka Saha BME

    Application Specalist.

    DE Healthcare Private Limited. Chennai. Tamilnadu. India

    It’s my immense pleasure to be a part of Universal School’s 5 weeks course, where we have got an ocean of opportunities to learn and practically understand Ultrasonography on patients daily. Dr.Rahmath Banu has been very kind and patient with non-medical student like me to make a clerical expect and made me competent for an application specialist of USG. Along with this she been utterly kind & caring during the hard days of worst Chennai Floods in December 2015, The staffs at Universal School are too friendly and by the end of our training , they are now a family which we are leaving behind. Thanks for the wonderful time we had.

  • Sis.Lima Rose

    Sonographer. West Bengal. India

    There is a beautiful saying: One loving heart sets another on fire. I cannot forget the fact that Madam and her team including Sir who took all the effort to affine our goal. Really this is true; Sir and Madam gave care to us as our guardian angels during our stay. Madam, all talks you served with an authenticity and out of your love, convictions and experiences. I appreciate and congratulate you and I experience a family spirit in between all staff and students. I am a least person here to be with you all. But your greatness in teaching enrich me a lot. By the grace of God,  I am able to do more service in this field after this training. Thank you madam and I assure my humble prayers to you. Please remember me in your valuable prayers. 

  • Ms.DeepikaLal N.B

    Application Specialist

    DE Healthcare Pvt Ltd. Chennai.

    I’ve undergone 6 weeks of Hands-on Ultrasound training at Universal School of Sonology. The syllabus covers Obstetrics’, Abdomen, Gynecology, Doppler and Color Doppler. An average of 10 cases we practiced daily. Apart from theory classes Hands-on made me more confident in Ultrasound.

  • Dr. Lochan V Patil MBBS, DMRE

    Mumbai. Maharastra

    ;Its very pleasure to learn Ultrasound from Dr.Rahmath and she taught us very well and she gave hands-on training from Day One and the marvelous experience with this center is what I’ll cherish for a long. Thanks to Mam and her supporting Staffs.

  • Dr. Smrithi MBBS

    Malar Hospital.

    Chennai. Tamilnadu. India

                       My learning experience at Universal School of Sonology was made memorable by Dr.Rahmath Banu who is patient enough and extremely skilled and one of the best encouraging teacher.             The hands-on training at Universal School of Sonology does enlighten me about the art of Ultrasound used in medicine. Thanks to all at USOS.

  • Mr.P.P.Nasaradheen

    Service Engineer

    Niranjan Ultrasound India Pvt.Ltd. Kerela. India

    1). Got lot of knowledge and measurement technique. 2). Got use of leaner and convent probe. 3). Got an idea for proper Scanning. 4). I am confident to use application in Ultrasound. 5). Learnt all the functions of Machine. I am very happy and thanks to Universal School and Doctor, & Staff.

  • Mrs.Mohana Chelvan.


    National University Hospital. Singapore.

    My 5 days Doppler course at Universal School of Sonology & Scans was beneficial and informative to me.Dr.Rahmath Banu an experienced radiologist was clear in her explanations. Especially,I enjoyed the theory sessions which were elaborated in detail of the following practical sessions. She was also friendly and willingly cleared any doubts when raised. The reading materials provided was useful. Thank you for the good learning experience.

  • Mr.Sayed Shah M Agha. Diploma In Pharmacy Science.

    Pharmacist. Kabul. Afghanistan.

    The classes were more interesting than I thought earlier before I join, teacher was very kind and provide answer politely for each and every question I ask. The basics of Ultrasound were provided to me with live hands-on training. They helped me for police registration during hostel stay and they took care of me during my Illness during the stay. The hostel stay was good and the staffs at hostel were well behaved and provided me great comfort as like staying at home. I wish and pray for the great future of Madam and Universal School of Sonology

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